Collateral Recoveries

The Repossession industry is changing and we are leaders in that change, here are the reasons why: State of the art equipment and technique keep us ahead of the competition.          With each assignment comes swift, professional and reliable service.
 We are confident that with the combination of our Nation wide presence and our extensive local network. The collateral recovery team at WCCE will not only locate your collateral, they will transport it to our secured lots, leave notice withyour clients and perform all required searches and administration.

We have the resources and infrastructure to repossess any tangible asset anywhere in the World, while ensuring the highest level of service to our clients.

Some items that we have successfully recovered, include:​

  • Heavy Equipment

  • Airplanes

  • Boats/RV

  • Automobiles

  • Trucks

  • Tractor Trailers

  • Mobile Homes

  • Office Equipment

Competitive customized programs and flat-fee pricing, all clearly disclosed in advance.

WCCE is here to provide you service for all your asset repossession needs, no job is too large or too small,  in addition we specialize in hard to find cases, we will do what it takes to seize your asset if still around to be seized or report what happened to the asset.

Bailiffs more commonly known as the repo man thanks to the notoriety the industry has received thanks to Hollywood shows, while these shows have there place in entertaining you, they do not properly represent the professionalism and serious nature of the job off being a Bailiff.

British Columbia Bailiffs are governed closely by the Business Practices and consumer protection authority (BPCPA) A Bailiff as well as a licensed Bailiff company in B.C. are required to be bonded, insured and  licensed to protect themselves as well as the individuals they deal with on a daily basis, this making them accountable for there actions and a measure to make sure they operate under the mandates set out by the BPCPA